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Compensatory Work İs Not Overtime… PDF Yazdır e-Posta
12 Mayıs 2018

1-what is compensatory work?

In cases where time worked has been considerably lower than the normal working time or where operations are stopped entirely for reasons of suspending work due to force majeure or on the days before or after the national and public holidays or where the employee is granted time off upon his request, the employer may call upon compensatory work within two months in order to compensate for the time lost due to unworked periods.

2- When is compensatory work done?
–Stopping the work due to force majeure
–Before and after of national holidays,
–Before and after of weekends
–If an employee takes his vacation s

3– When does employer make employees compensatory work?
Employer is able to make employee work for the unworked process within two months. These cannot be considered to be overtime.

4-How much can compensatory work be at most in a day?
Compensatory work;
– Compensatory working hours cannot exceed 3 hours a day.

5- Is compensatory work possible on holidays? 
Compensatory work cannot be performed on holidays.